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Written Residential Burn Permits are not required in the Sandy Fire District. Written Agricultural and Special Burn Permits, for land clearing operations, are required. Please call us at the number below to determine what type of burning you will be doing.
In accordance with burning and air pollution regulations, the following regulations must be followed for backyard or residential burning.
  1. A residential burn permit is not required. However, the homeowner is still responsible to comply with all safety rules and DEQ regulations.
  2. EACH DAY BEFORE BURNING, call the RECORDED burn information line 503-668-0126 and obtain verification that burning is allowed for the day.
  3. Open fires shall not be kindled within 50 feet of any property line, building, fence, or combustible growth.
  4. Burning of uncut grass, brush, or any vegetation or of land clearing debris is prohibited.
  5. Burning should be done in a barrel or on the ground cleared of all growth. Materials burned on the ground should be limited to piles of no more than 5 ft. x 5 ft.
  6. Adequate provision shall be made to prevent fire from spreading, such as maintenance of a fire trail around the burn area, and having such items as charged garden hose or shovels present during the burn.
  7. Burning after dusk and when a general fire ban is in effect is strictly prohibited.
  8. A competent person shall constantly attend open fires until they are completely extinguished.
  9. Please be a good neighbor! The burning of materials such as rubber, plastics, paints, tarpaper, asphalt shingles, or any other material that creates a public nuisance, is strictly and expressly forbidden to be burned. These materials emit toxic and foul smelling fumes and smoke.
  10. Burning may only be done on property that is your current home site.
Any violation of the above rules is subject to citation and or fines by DEQ and the Sandy Fire District. You will also be required to extinguish the fire. If you cannot, you may be billed by the District for the cost of extinguishment. You can be held liable for any damage caused by unsafe burning. Residential Burning is allowed only during two DEQ burn seasons. March 1 to June 15 and October 1 to December 15.

No person shall kindle, maintain or allow to be maintained, an outdoor fire, bonfire, rubbish fire or garbage fire; nor shall any person kindle, maintain or allow to be maintained a fire for the purpose of burning grass, hay or straw, tree limbs and trimmings; nor shall any person maintain or allow to be maintained a fire for land clearing operations, or commercial burning; nor shall any person kindle, maintain or allow to be maintained any other type of open burning with the following exceptions:

  1. Outdoor recreation fire no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet used for cooking with the fire in a fireplace, barbecue set, or outdoor fire pit.
  2. Fires set and maintained by the fire district for fire fighting training or training fire protection personnel
  3. In cases of fire hazard that cannot in the judgment of the fire district be removed or disposed of in any other practical manner, a fire may be allowed by written permit only. Said permit is to be issued by the fire district.
  4. Burning of cut or limbed brush and yard debris on lots larger than ¼ acre, provided such burning complies with all requirements and restrictions of the Sandy Fire District (including permits, when required). Outdoor burning within the Sandy Fire District is prohibited at certain times of the year due to fire hazard or air pollution constraints; any person maintaining or allowing to be maintained an outdoor fire under section 8.36.010(4) shall contact the Sandy Fire District before starting the fire.
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