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Medic First Aid Classes
MEDIC FIRST AID is a 4 hour class that covers general first aid and adult CPR only. It is taught in low-stress, easy to learn manner with a "seeing, hearing and doing" approach, and without written testing. It combines CPR and first aid training as one unit and teaches the student essential and secondary skills of patient care while following the latest medical guidelines.
MEDIC FIRST AID meets or exceeds business, industry, and government OSHA requirements.
MEDIC FIRST AID is offered one Saturday a month at Sandy Fire. Class begins at 8:00 am to approximately 12:00 pm.
All prepaid fees and cancellations are due one week prior to class in order to receive a refund. Pre-Payment for classes is non-transferable from one class to another. For upcoming classes (space is limited) or to register, contact Nannette Howland at 503-668-8093.
If you live in the Sandy Fire District, the cost of each class is $25. The cost to all others will be, $35 for each class.
Child Safety Seats
Kids don't come with instructions... fortunately their safety seats do.
9 out of 10 safety seats are installed incorrectly! If your child’s safety seat is installed incorrectly it may not protect your child in a crash.
The Sandy Fire District is available to help install and check your child safety seat. Please call 503-668-8093 to schedule your appointment today.
Helmets - Bike, All Sport and Ski
The Sandy Fire District will be fitting and selling helmets the 3rd Thursday of every month, from 3 to 6 pm. at the main stations. No appointment necessary.
  • bike helmets: $10
  • all sport helmets: $15
  • ski helmets: $25
We Want Your Address
What if you have a medical emergency, a fire, or the need for a police officer? Can your home be found in a timely manner? Every second counts in an emergency.
When responding to an emergency at your home, time is imperative. If we can't find you we can't help you. You know where you live - you drive home every day, but we've never been there. Add an element of adverse weather conditions or darkness. Many addresses are difficult to find: long driveways; three or four homes on the same access road with no address posted; some driveways have a line of mailboxes on the main roadway and no indication of location on the driveway.
We have a program that can help.
The Sandy Fire District is providing, at cost, a reflective address post with your house numbers on it. It will be assembled and installed, for no extra charge, by the District. The address post is installed at the end of your driveway and/or front of your home, and the large reflective background makes the post easy to see from a distance, even when weather or darkness could make finding you difficult.
Please allow 8 weeks process time for the District to complete and install your address post. If you have further questions, feel free to call Nannette Howland or Lt. Jon McKay at the Main Station
Click here for an address post application. Print and mail it to:
Sandy Fire Department
PO Box 518
Sandy, Oregon 97055
Sandy Fire District 72 17460 Bruns Ave Sandy, OR   97055 Phone: 503-668-8093 Fax: 503-668-7941