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2015 Volunteer Firefighter Academy

You will discover that Sandy Rural Fire Protection District No. 72 highly values its members and works hard to bring in the best.

Some years more people apply for volunteer firefighter positions than there are openings available. When this happens, each applicant is evaluated as to the contributions they bring and make for the District.

This is a full year long academy of Fire and EMS training.

  • Step one: Recruitment Process for two months (September-November) Applications, Backgrounds, and Driving Records.
  • Step two: Written/Physical agility exams (1st & 3rd Saturdays in November)
  • Step three: Interviews (First week of December) Second or third week, letters go out for denials and approvals into the academy.
  • Start of the Academy: First Week of January, first night is a meet and greet with new recruits and their significant others. The second night following is the start of class.
  • The Fire Program consist of just under 200 hours of training from January-July, this includes 26 Thursdays evening from 7pm-10pm this is the lecture portion of academy.
  • 12 Saturdays from 8am-5pm which is the practical and hands-on part of the academy.
  • This will also include two full weekends, Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday for Hazmat and Wildland training.
  • Finally, the first week of December is Graduation from the Fire Program. Once the fire program is done, the recruit will begin an EMS program dependent on their EMS background.
  • During all of the recruit training the individuals selected are encouraged to meet the Districts requirements (this is in addition to the recruit requirements) of 7 Regular drills a quarter and 40 emergency responses.

Sandy Volunteer Membership Application will be available September 6, 2016. Due to the main station remodeling, the Work-Sample Physical Ability Test is subject to change and a final copy will be posted in the coming weeks.

If you have questions regarding the District, the Volunteer program, or the application process, please feel free to contact Div. Chief Jason McKinnon. Thank you for your interest in our Fire District. It is an excellent District and we welcome your interest in it.

Sandy Fire District 72 17460 Bruns Ave Sandy, OR   97055 Phone: 503-668-8093 Fax: 503-668-7941